Scientific Journals

  1. Rouchota, M. Georgiou, E. Fysikopoulos, E. Fragogeorgi, K. Mikropoulos, P. Papadimitroulas, G. Kagadis, G. Loudos.
    A prototype PET/SPECT/X-rays scanner dedicated for whole body small animal studies
    Hell. J. Nucl. Med., May-Aug;20(2):146-153, 2017,

International Conferences

  1. Fragogeorgi, E. Efthimiadou, G. Rosenblat, M. Georgiou, J. Daich, S. Laurent, P. Bouziotis, G. Kordas, M. Velez, R. Muller, S. Meretzki, G. Loudos
    Impact of 99mTc-labelling on binding and viability of human adipose tissue-derived cells in vitro and on the cell-tracking properties using SPECT in vivo
    Balkan Congress of Nuclear Medicine, Thessaloniki 17-20 June 2016 (Poster)
  2. Fragogeorgi, J. Daich, E. Fysikopoulos, S. Lacroix, G. Doumont, M. Georgiou, D. Stanicki, M. Pita, S. Laurent, P. Bouziotis, M. Velez, G. Loudos
    Collagen scaffolds labelled with MRI and SPECT contrast agents for non-invasive imaging in bone tissue engineering
    European Molecular Imaging Meeting – EMIM, Cologne, 4-7 April 2017 (Poster)
  3. George Loudos.
    Multimodal imaging as a tool to non invasively assess in bone regeneration: The VIVOIMAG project
    27th Interdisciplinary Research Conference on Injectable Osteoarticular Biomaterials and Bone Augmentation Procedures, Athens, Greece, on 18-20 May 2017 (Invited talk)